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Change a Life.

Every $5,000 contribution can create $50,000+ in income for a survivor next year.

Their earning power increases from there.

AnnieCannons is a registered 501(c)(3)


buys an hour of childcare so a mom can be at school or work


provides a year of 24/7 internet connectivity for a working family

We are a 501(c)(3), so all donations to AnnieCannons are 100% tax deductible


We spend $1000 to give a human trafficking survivor the digital training that can kickstart her career.

You can provide partial or full scholarships to change a family's future.


We spend $5000 to give a student the web development training that can change her life forever.

You can provide one or more scholarships to change a family's future

When an individual student shines, we want to leverage her talent to help others.

Your contribution to a position endowment helps us hire our most promising graduates as staff.

Donors name the endowed position where they provide the entire position cost

Here are some examples:

She graduated in the top two of her AnnieCannons class, and demonstrated the compassion and reliability we need from a 6-month TA in our next class


Teaching Assistant



She graduated at the top of our second class, and ideated the class project, an app to help abuse victims understand and seek legal recourse.

As a TA, she showed immense talent and an instinct for the empathetic teaching we need.

Our Pilot Valedictorian is ready to work in a full-time regular staff position as an entry-level full-stack developer, supporting both student and client projects. She ideated and built the entire prototype for her class web app, She has taken full-stack development projects and has been refining her JavaScript as well as learning more advanced frameworks since graduating 18 months ago. Over that time, she has demonstrated that she is a self-starter and can train herself on new development techniques with the platform education access we provide.


Cost of salary and benefits for graduate

Staff Developer

Student and graduate-ideated projects present the best opportunities for tech to make change.

If you'd like to be an angel for such technology, please contact us for details.


All donations to AnnieCannons are 100% tax deductible