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At AnnieCannons, we transform survivors of human trafficking into software professionals. Through a rigorous, phased approach, we work with survivors to develop their skills and work alongside tech professionals to aid less privileged communities, as well as clients in need of support.


Our software consultancy and web development shop succeeds by simply providing top-quality software and technology services. Our services include:

  • Mission-driven Development
  • Data quality-as-a-service
  • Software development-as-a-service
  • And more

Whether you need help building a website, or could use a refresh on an existing platform, we can work with your existing brand and design assets to develop a website that suits your needs. With AnnieCannons, outsourcing can now support a socially responsible business model and improve corporate social responsibility programming.

Please contact us for case studies, testimonials, and quotes for affordable website design and application development.


We’d love to partner with you. Fill out this form to receive a free consultation and a quote for your project.

If you’d rather talk through what you’re working on or learn more about partnering or volunteering with AnnieCannons, please reach out:

  • (415) 780-4693
  • PO Box 9504
    Berkeley, CA 94709